Gulay Brode Textile

Gulay Brode Textile makes high quality production with its state of the art machinery along with its in-house design team who continously designs new collections for customers ranging from high end to high-street fashion. Our product range includes curtains, home textile, giupure, lace, lingerie, women”s outwear which are produced with an innovative approach and favoured by our customers worldwide.


Curtains and sheers, which we embroider with our state-of-the-art embroidery machines, are always preferred in domestic and foreign markets


Our collections of women’s outwear are created by catching up the latest fashion trend


Guipure, lace and lingerie collections made by our experienced design team are produced on our latest technology embroidery machines and presented to our customers


Guipure fabric is a delicate type of lace created from convex lace elements that are connected by braids and result in a hollow ornament. Its structure makes it one of the most elegant choices for evening dresses and wedding dresses, blouses or accessories


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